Eight Days Later

Boyd Aimes, is an intelligence operator, a professional soldier, with a formidable reputation for getting the hard jobs done.

During twenty-four years of military service, he survived the streets of Northern Ireland, the Balkans war, street gangs of Sierra Leone, Operation Telic and the second Gulf war. His gifted career brought to a premature end by a stray bullet. Now, he is living on his Dutch barge “Valkyrie”, wandering the Greater London canals in quiet anonymity.

Ben Randal, a young security guard is brutally murdered on his way home, and there is no obvious motive.

Six hours later, Danny Bredon is found in a ditch on London’s busiest motorway, beaten, and left for dead

Then a text message from a former girlfriend. His oldest friend is in big trouble and needs help.

Events that will take Aimes back to Aldershot, and put him on a collision course with a Glaswegian drug dealer, the son of an Afghan warlord, and the CIA. Using the still green waters of the London canal system to protect, and hide his friend, Boyd Aimes brings together five men to deliver his retribution.

Aimes is a no nonsense door breaker, and a life taker, with an instinct forged in the crucible of war. As the week unfolds he has to put the pieces together, and what he discovers might just offer a unique opportunity for British military intelligence.

“Eight Days Later” is the first in a series of novels featuring Boyd Aimes, an alternative solution.

The next book in the Boyd Aimes series “The price of a life” is due in June 2019

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