The Trafalgar Inn

The Trafalgar Inn: 1 Short Street Aldershot GU11 1HA

Of the many pubs that do business in the Aldershot garrison, The Trafalgar Inn has consistently been associated with men of the airborne forces. It is also the operating base for the Braveheart  foundation.

Former para Major Milosh Stankovic MBE, frustrated with the lack of dedicated help for those suffering the after effects of combat launched The Braveheart Programme  from the Trafalgar Inn. Click on the image to see The Trafalgar on a map.


Extract from “Eight Days Later”

It was 6 o’clock on Monday evening when Boyd walked uphill on union street. Turning right onto the aptly named short street, a narrow one way road. On the left, was the back door to the amusement arcade and the long gone tattoo parlour, there on the right was the corner door of the Trafalgar Pub.
Not much had changed since the last time he was here. Behind the bar was a dusty collection of maroon berets, carrying foreign airborne badges. Mostly American, French, and German. Two nearly white French Kepis, and a black one with gold braid, indicating six years’ service and the rank ‘Corporal Chef ’of its previous owner. Several hundred pounds in various currencies had been pinned to the ceiling above the bar. On the shelves enough foreign and exotic alcohol to keep a battalion of men drunk for a week.
The walls had an assortment of newspaper cuttings pictures and other souvenirs of military engagements fought by the Parachute Regiment. More than enough to stock a small museum. This was a pub that stunk of adrenaline and testosterone.