The Crimea

The Crimea  Crimea Rd,  Aldershot   

During the 1960’s 70’s and 80’s “The Crimea” had been adopted by British airborne troops. A stones throw from Aldershot football ground, and 500 meters from the old NAFFI club. The Crimea was ready and able to handle the extra customers when the NAFFI (the roundabout club ) closed for business in 1971.  Click on the image to find The Crimea on a map


Extract from “Eight Days Later”

Just before the football ground, on the civilian side of town, that’s where he would find ‘The Crimea.’ For as long as he could remember, and some considerable time before, the Crimea had been used by Airborne Forces stationed in Aldershot. With its mock Tudor beams and faded white paint, it stood out like the balls on a bulldog. It was also a magnet for loose limbed young ladies of the WRAC (Women’s Royal Army, Corps) who might be seeking the company of an Airborne gladiator.
Every military town has got its own version of the Crimea, and Boyd had been to them all, shanty bars in Belize or the neon fronted clip joints of Berlin. They have only one purpose, providing alcohol to eager young men full of testosterone who want to share war stories with impressionable young women.