Who is Boyd Aimes?

Boyd Aimes:

Born June 1st, 1969 in the industrial West Midlands, an only child. Boyd’s father focused more on his engineering business and making money, rather than spending time with the young Boyd. This would be a constant source of friction between his parents.

By the time, he was ten years old, his mother had already suffered several depressive episodes, bolstering her existence with prescription medication, and alcohol. Boyd could only watch as the gap in his parent’s relationship continued to grow wider, despite Boyd’s best efforts his mother continually turned to alcohol for companionship.


The young Boyd watched Parachute Regiment soldiers march into Port Stanley during the defence of the Falkland Islands and fascinated by the news reports of their triumphs and ultimate victory on broadcast globally on TV.

Seeking to escape the carnage of his parent’s marriage, he joined the army cadets, this becomes pivotal in his development, displaying a natural aptitude for military life.

Sixteen years of age,  Boys now wants to take control of his own life and future. He finds employment in one of the local factories, working on the production line, much to the annoyance of his father, who had been grooming him to take over the family engineering business.

However Boyd is just ticking over when he was eighteen and could sign on for military service.

Thirteen months passed between Boyd leaving school and his mother committing suicide. Getting home from work one evening, he finds her her dead slumped in an armchair; she had consumed all her medication and most of a bottle of vodka.


Two days before her funeral, he is in an Army recruiting office, his mother’s signature neatly forged on his recruitment application. Six weeks later in the September 1986, he was in the army.


24 years later Boyd is discharged from the Parachute Regiment after being wounded in Afghanistan.

After the war:

He is now living in semi-retirement aboard his boat ‘Valkyrie’.

Who was Boyd Aimes