You don’t have or want an amazon account.

I have just been introduced to Book Funnel. It is simple to use and brilliant in concept, filling the gap between wanting to read books and not wanting an account that bombards you with advertising, as offered by other online providers named after big rivers. You may have bought a coffee machine three weeks ago because it was a good price, but now you are receiving regular emails asking if you want to buy a cycle repair outfit, or a book on taxidermy, a special offer on knitting needles and multicoloured wool’s, and frequently bought together with a camouflage jacket sizes small to xxxxl. So you read email scratch head in bemusement, delete email, then spend the rest of your day trying to work out the connection.

Now you can buy something to read, with no annoying email. Just press and purchase, its brilliant. So if all you want is people to read what you write this is absolutely the tool for you it took me ten minutes to set up and integrate with pay pall. For 20 dollars a year as a self publishing author this is incredible value.

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