You don’t have or want an amazon account.

I have just been introduced to Book Funnel. It is simple to use and brilliant in concept, filling the gap between wanting to read books and not wanting an account that bombards you with advertising, as offered by other online providers named after big rivers. You may have bought a coffee machine three weeks ago […]

Where does the story come from?

When I began to write Eight days later I honestly hadn’t got a clue about writing, It started as a story I wanted to read. With a lead character and a mix of other personalities all very one dimensional. Some aspects of “Eight Days Later” are factual, such as places, each business and restaurant exists. […]

Because everyone said I couldn’t

The excitement is growing, after 4 Years, several months of rewriting, formatting, proofing. Deciding on an appropriate font, size, and spacing. Cover designs, Flyers and promotional stuff. on the 21st of October 2018, I will publish my first novel.  So to all of those people who said I couldn’t do it, You were wrong.